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Leica FlexLine

TS02, TS06 and TS09: Total Stations with Bluetooth and Reflectorless options
A complete series of total stations with exceptional flexibility

The FlexLine series of total station products are easy-to-learn, easy-to-use and flexible enough for survey and construction needs. No matter the application, Flexline has an instrument for you. With range accuracies up to 1 mm, and angular accuracies of 1”, 2”, 3”, 5” or 7”, no job is out of reach of Flexline.

With three solutions, the TS02/TS06 and TS09, surveyors have the flexibility to customize the instrument to meet their business demands. Choose the features you need. From a 1” with no communications to a 7” instrument with Bluetooth and USB functionality, no other instruments on the market let surveyors and other industry professionals pick the options they need in their instrument.

The most cost effective instrument on the market, the TS02 total station is also easy to use with a single standard keyboard that interfaces seamlessly with industry standard data collectors. For greater flexibility, add optional Bluetooth for wireless communications.

The TS06 total station is ideal for surveyors who need performance with flexibility. The base model includes a short range reflectorless, single alpha numeric keyboard and a dual function trigger key. Need additional functionality? The total station’s modular framework lets users add on new features and customize the system as needed.

Right out of the box, this is the most complete instrument in its class. Complementing the complete set of software options are standard USB, dual alpha numeric keyboards, Bluetooth, 1mm accuracy and short range reflectorless. Additional options of 1” angular accuracy, long range reflectorless measurement add up to an instrument in a class of its own.


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